Remarkable Runs and the ‘Your Turn Challenge’

100_1556I’m signing up for the ‘Your Turn Challenge’ which starts on 19 January 2015. You can find out more information here.

Last year I read Seth Godin’s new book and realised that I spend a lot of time not starting. I plan and plan and research and research and then I plan some more. I don’t ship as much as I’d like to and the ‘Your Turn Challenge’ started by Winnie J. Kao has the goal of getting “participants to practice shipping with a like-minded community that wants to push themselves to grow and support each other along the way”. I think it’s a great idea and I want to use it to boost my productivity and creativity.

The challenge has given me the impetus to create this blog to share and discuss things which I find remarkable. I tend to think about these things when I’m out on a run (or a bike ride or a swim) and I’m trying to keep my mind off my tired muscles.

Please join me on the journey towards this horizon. I look forward to growing and learning along with you. Let’s find some Purple Cows and share them with the world.