Reverse Crunches and Supermans


Taking flight towards stronger abdominals

Last night I was looking at the progress I’ve made on my abs in the last 6 months. I thought to myself, I need to work on my lower abs a bit more. Be careful what you wish for…

This morning’s WOD included, among other painful things, reverse crunches. I’d never heard of these before and soon discovered that they targeted the lower abs. We did the crunches as part of a 3 round workout which consisted of 200 single-unders (I couldn’t get double-unders working today), followed by 75 reverse crunches and then 50 Supermans.WOD 16.2.23

Here’s a link demonstrating how to perform one.

The first 20 reverse crunches seemed ok. Then the coach came over and said we should lift our shoulders off the floor a bit and also let our toes touch the ground on the way down. OMG!!! Those adjustments took it to another level…of pain! Then, just to ensure that our core was being fully trained, we had to do 50 Supermans. Phew! Pain City.

So if you’re looking for an exercise that targets your lower abs to give you that V-shape, reverse crunches should definitely be on the list.

What’s your favourite ab exercise? Why?


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