Tuesday Testing and Wednesday WOD

Robin kick testing

Stepping Axe Kick – one of my faves. That’s me in the background in the yellow belt

Last night I tested for my blue belt in Kuk Sool Won at my dojang, Kuk Sool Won of Dublin. For those of you not familiar with Kuk Sool Won, this is taken from our school website:

Kuk Sool is a comprehensive martial arts system that is derived from the rich and varied martial art techniques and traditions that have arisen in Korea through the ages. Kuk Sool is not a sport, nor is it simply another method of self-defense. Kuk Sool is a complete martial art that is dedicated to the cultivation of mental strength and well being. It also focuses on the preservation of traditional Korean Martial arts.

My dobahk (uniform) was soaked with sweat by the end. I was happy with my progress – my kicks felt more powerful and my fellow students complimented me on my form. Hopefully I’ll move up a rank to blue belt. There are some cool techniques and the challenging blue belt form. We’ll see on Saturday.

WOD 17.2.15

WOD for 17 Feb 2016

This morning’s I Will Crossfit WOD was all about strength. After a tough warm-up which included 100m of jumping jacks, 150 mountain climbers, 60m of bear crawlers, and 60m of frogger, we gathered at the WOD whiteboard.

I was feeling quite tired today but decided to follow the advice of the point at the bottom of the board which said, ‘Challenge Yourself.’ The front squats were ok but the last 3 reps were tough as I reached ~70% of max. Initially I thought I was doing well on the chin-ups but then Coach Matt told me to continue pulling at the top so that my elbows came alongside my chest. This changed the chin-up completely. I was getting my chin above the bar but I couldn’t finish in that position. Need to keep working as this is good practice for muscle-ups (a move I want to conquer).

The single-leg, one-arm, Romanian deadlifts were a great test of balance. As the weight increased, it became tougher to maintain my balance. Ring dips are always tough for me as my upper body strength is severely lacking. I’ve improved over the last couple of months but they’re still difficult. However, this is another move to get right as I pursue muscle-ups.

The last super set definitely extended me. The overhead reverse lunge was not only a test of strength but also balance. Initially I couldn’t do a rep properly without losing my balance. Another tip from the coach made all the difference. “First learn balance!” he said. Then added the more valuable information :-): as you’re stepping backwards into the lunge, keep your weight on your front leg. As the weight increased through the set, this tip became even more crucial. Quoting the Karate Kid, however, gave him an idea for another move which he dubbed the Miyagi Reverse Lunge. This would involve adding a front kick after you complete the lunge. That’ll be interesting to see. Especially if we have a barbell overhead.

Recently I have found that I’m a bit better at toes-to-bar than before. Again, I thought I was doing pretty well until the coach came to watch. He said it was good but that I could challenge myself even more. Apparently my legs were not quite straight on the way up. If I pointed my toes my form would be better. Thankfully this advice came for my final rep. It makes quite a difference as your abs are fully extended when you’re hanging from the bar so it requires complete flexing in order to lift your legs up towards the bar and let your toes touch. Something more to work on. Yay!

Today’s WOD was fun – lot’s of laughs, some good-natured ragging. I did challenge myself and I was happy with the outcome. I’ve definitely improved but there’s still much to work on. The Crossfit Open is in 8 days’ time. I hope I’ll be ready.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of Master Saidi or that of the World Kuk Sool Association.


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